Charles Beaumont, Co-Creator of “The Twilight Zone”

About twenty-five years ago, I wrote a short essay on the life and work of Charles Beaumont that was eventually published in a small press magazine in Florida.

Since that one-time appearance, that essay has sat in my archives, gathering dust. I thought it was high time I dug it out, polished it up and posted it on Beautiful Desolation.

Beaumont had enormous influence on my early writing. He and Richard Matheson were my guys, the ones who felt (like I do) that horror/suspense is at its best when it tells small, intimate, gripping, intense, human stories.

In the case of both authors, many of the tales they wrote in the 1950s, long before Twilight Zone was even a gleam in Rod Serling’s eye, exhibited all the best qualities of classic TZ episodes: brevity, satire, empathy and bloody great twist endings.

I don’t want to steal any thunder from my essay—click on the link below and it will take you directly to the PDF, which I make available, like everything else on this site, at absolutely no cost. Just one of the perqs you collect for hanging out here in my odd little literary salon.

Read on:

Charles Beaumont: An Appreciation


  1. Larry

    I found a book in a charity shop, so not sure if you can still get it.
    Sands of Time a collection of thought provoking stories By Beatrice C Snipp.
    It so much reminded me of early TZ shows.
    Sorry to say I am old enough to remember them when they first came out.

  2. Cliff Burns

    Not aware of Ms. Snipp’s book but I’ll keep an eye out for it.

    “Twilight Zone” was a formative influence, as was its ugly sister series “Night Gallery”. Suspense with a bitter twist. Beaumont and Matheson meant the world to me and were key influences in my early writing life.

  3. Larry

    I have just read it again as it is only short stories and easily read.
    It was only written this year and is available on Amazon.
    Not many sold by the looks of it, but the reviews are interesting.
    Stay safe.

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