I’ve created a number of odd, eccentric films, ambient tracks and spoken word pieces in the last few years. I love dabbling with the new technologies available to artists these days: digital cinema, home studio recording, DIY media.

You’ll find almost all of my short films over on my Vimeo page and they’re also posted on YouTube.

Here’s a small sample, just to give you an idea of the kind of work I do.


“The Pact” is a dramatization of one of my prose poems:

“Planetfall” is from my science fiction series:

Here’s a public reading we recorded a couple of years ago, superbly edited by my son, Sam:

My homage to cowboys, western movies and fiction—a film with accompanying verse, shot on location in Grasslands National Park (southern Saskatchewan). Check it out, “’76 Corral”:

“July 20, 1969”–my first short film, in celebration of the 40th anniversary of the Apollo 11 moon landing

Here’s the book trailer for my supernatural thriller, So Dark the Night.  Beautifully shot by my wife, Sherron, and edited by my son, Sam:


Family Films: (movies created by or with my wife and two sons):

Beginning with our most popular film by far, “Winter Light”. Sherron gets credit for the lion’s share of this one:

…followed by another short film by Sherron Burns, set to one of my musical interludes. This one’s called “Eyes Open”. It draws its inspiration from a quote by film-maker Stan Brakhage.

“Snoop” is a noirish number from my youngest son, Sam.  The editing in this one is nothing short of amazing.

…and, finally, a screamingly funny (and brutal) stop motion movie my son Liam made when he was around twelve years old. Beware…”The Twilight Kitten”:


Audio & Spoken Word:

Below, you’ll find a good proportion of the audio work I’ve created over the past few years.  

I love spacey, ambient music and, thanks to Garageband, now I can noodle about in my own l’il ol’ homegrown sound recording studio, creating all sorts of weird, creeeeepy tunes.  And then there’s my spoken word stuff, dramatic presentations of my best short stories and poetry, with accompanying music and/or sound fx. You’ll discover the majority of it over at BandCamp—free of charge, natch.

I’m happy to share this material with one and all—it’s been great fun creating these works over the past few years.  Music has opened up bold, new horizons for me and it’s been fantastically challenging and rewarding for this non-musician (can’t even read a scale) to play with a virtual orchestra, stocked with all manner of instruments. The results haven’t always been great but I’ve saved the best of them and hope you find these snippets and soundscapes to your liking:

Spoken Word:

Midnight Detective (Monologue)

Indie Writer (Essay)

_Death Threats_ (Story)

Cliff Burns Reading Short Stories (V.2)

Cliff Burns Reading Prose Poems (V.2)

Walt Disney in Hell 3 (prose poem)

Monologue (Short Story)

Mid Life Crisis (prose poem)

The Departed (prose poem)

Outside (Spoken Word)

Darkness (Words by George Gordon, Lord Byron)

Never… (Poem)

Human Remains (Poem)

July 20, 1969 (Tribute to Moon landing)




“Primordial” (2015)

“Solar Wind”

“Space Seed”



 “Emanations” (Ambient Music)–March, 2012

Emanations 4:45

Emanations II 2:15

Vertiginous 8:10


“Language With No Vocabulary”

(October, 2010)


Cidades Fantasmas (Ghost Cities)

First Light


“Intervals” (2010)

Interval III

Interval IV

Incidental II (Transformations)

Incidental IV

Interval XIII


“Soundtrack For A Science Fiction Movie Never Made” (2009)

Beyond the Oort



Ne Plus Ultra

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