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The kind of review that keeps me pushing my pen across the page

Front coverAn astonishing review of my New & Selected Poems (1984-2011) just posted over at a site called Pseudo-Intellectual Reviews.

The reviewer and I belong to the same LibraryThing group and she mentioned she was picking up a copy but, sheesh, I didn’t expect such a smart and, yes, glowing review.

It’s the first critique of any sort the poems have received. I get general rumblings of praise from the people who’ve read New & Selected Poems but folks seem reluctant to address the subject matter or prominent themes. I worried, in my Afterword, that the collection might be too personal, too intense and I think there might be something to that. If you watch the footage of the book launch, the poems are often received in what I would describe as strained silence. Sherron told me that at one point a woman near her was softly weeping.

Dear Lord

What kind of strange zeitgeist has my verse tapped into?

Poems are a hard enough sell these days—apocalyptic, mind-bending excavations on the human spirit may not be what readers are looking for.

Cripes, look at the bestseller list.

Yup, once again, it appears I’ve missed the mark.

Review of “The Reality Machine”

Well, what do you know:  an early Christmas present.

Corey Redekop is a terrific Canuck writer–his debut novel Shelf Monkey is anarchic, funny and viciously satirical.  Thus, I was mighty chuffed when someone directed my attention to a review he’s just posted of my 1997 short story collection The Reality Machine.

I’ve been searching for blurbs for the print version of So Dark the Night and Corey just handed me some on a silver platter, with little sprigs of parsley on the side.

Bless you, Corey…and don’t take too long with that followup to Shelf Monkey.

Helluva writer, that boy…

Another review of SO DARK THE NIGHT

A link to another review of So Dark the Night, from a chap whose views I hold in very high esteem. Check out some of his other critiques, this man is a wide-ranging and eclectic reader.

So Dark the Night on “Entropy Pump”

If this one doesn’t have you clicking on my “Novels” page (above) and downloading So Dark the Night, I dunno what will…


Another abbreviated note to let you know that John Miedema has just posted a thoughtful review of my novel So Dark the Night on his site.

My thanks to John for summarizing the plot so brilliantly and giving away no spoilers. He’s an astute reader, a lover of the printed word and, obviously, I’m delighted he clearly enjoyed reading my book.

Have a look…and then click on the “Novels” page above and download or print up your own personal copy of So Dark the Night