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“Innocent Moon” (radio play)–ready for free downloading and reading

Finally, I have some new work to share with you.  Recently I’ve been moaning about this being a blog that’s supposed to prominently feature my fiction, drama and poetry and, meanwhile, I’ve been debuting very little new material on this site for some time.

But that’s about to change.

Expect a flurry of stuff in the coming days and weeks, the product of many months of labour and struggle on my part.  Oh, I could be one of those hapless dolts who loads every snippet of juvenilia, first draft and/or literary belch & fart on their site, seeking as much scant praise they can garner from sympathetic fellow wannabes.  But I’m afraid I veer in the opposite direction, sweating out short stories over weeks, months, revising and polishing until the very thought of the tale in question makes me want to upchuck.   Which, as you can guess, is an approach to writing that tends to play hell with productivity.

But when I do release something, it’s ready.  It’s been through the meat grinder, Sherron has signed off on it, the end result microscopically examined and painstakingly dissected; I know that story or poem or novel like I know the inside of my own skin.

And that’s what you’re getting whenever I offer new work.

“The Innocent Moon” is my best radio play.  Bar none.  I put all I learned about radio drama into this little beauty.  It’s the one I submitted to the BBC competition.  Kind of hurt my professional pride when I didn’t make the shortlist but c’est la guerre.  It would have been difficult to produce; very complex in terms of mixing as it involves “samples” from dozens of movies and newsclips and songs.  You’ll see what I mean.

This sonofabitch took forever to research and pull together (as documented in previous blog entries).   The final result pleased me beyond measure.  I love the the flow and ebb of voices, the way it fuses together and perfectly illustrates my fascination (obsession?) with all things relating to space.

Click here to download free PDF of  “InnocentMoon

“The Innocent Moon” is dedicated to my chum and fellow writer and moon nut, Ian Sales.

…and to all of us grown up children of the space age.

When the future seemed so bright.


Editing, editing, editing…

It is the bane of my existence.

The ridiculous perfectionism that forces me to drag out a project soooo long, reducing the process of creation to a chore, grinding away on a tale or a novel until I feel nothing but revulsion for it.

I was determined it was going to be different with my novel Of the Night. Wrote the first few drafts last fall, presented Sherron with a fairly decent version just before Christmas. I intended to get back to it in late spring but other projects and obligations precluded that. Finally started going through the manuscript earlier this month and I feel myself falling into the same old traps. Bearing down too hard, scrutinizing every single syllable, having the eternal comma-versus-semi-colon debate yet again. Grrr.

So I’ve given myself an absolute deadline. Time to put the pedal to the metal on this baby. I keep telling myself, “this ain’t Ulysses, dope”.

Of the Night is entertainment, pure and simple. It’s short–only about 160 pages–fast, longer on plot and shorter on characterization than my previous novel,  So Dark-excerpt.   It’s not a direct sequel to So Dark but it is set in the same city, same universe. Totally different cast of characters and atmosphere.

You’ll be seeing it soon. Sporting another cover by the inimitable Ado Ceric, if he can manage it. Do pop over and check out his site some time, it will blow your mind. It’s a pleasure working with someone like Ado–we draw from similar sources of inspiration and his vision is ideally suited for my oddball fiction. I know he’ll come up with something terrific for Of the Night and that the finished book will be a fun and compelling read.

As soon as I get finished fucking editing it, that is. But the deadline helps and I think come late summer I’ll have it ready.

Stay tuned