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National Poetry Month III: New poems & an ambient tune

A few more poems, to close out National Poetry Month.  Dunno what led to this surge of verse of late—it’s not what I’m supposed to be writing, I’ll tell you that.

Ah, well, as previously reported, my muse can be pretty fickle and strange.

And just to prove that’s the case, I’ve added another recent ambient effort, one I’m very taken with, titled “String Theory”.  Bizarro space music and incomprehensible poetry…good grief.  Well, maybe now that Spring has returned to these parts I’ll feel compelled to get back to my real work, a project I shall elaborate on soon, very soon.

Meanwhile, I hope you enjoy today’s little treats:

Morris Ankrum

you could see the wires

stars hung off-kilter

Earth just a rubber ball

a funny shadow where

someone lurked, just out of frame

* * * * *

Those Of Us

who dream in slow motion

and have leaky prostates

and try so fucking hard

and who succeed, often in spite of themselves

and have no mother or father

and who must combat fear and depression

and who find ourselves inexplicably loved

and who are thankful for each blessed moment

and who know someday it must end

* * * * *

Foley Operator

You could hear birdsong

incongruous, but it was there

ambient chatter

shrill commentary

from the safety of the trees

* * * * *


I am tired of my role as resident cynic

the last angry man

critic of all he surveys

offering contempt in lieu of solutions

shouldering my burden of shame

well-versed on the subject of sin

while passionately opposing any notion of free will

* * * * *

And, finally, a few more minutes of music, a soundscape courtesy yours truly.  Here’s a thought:  play this while you’re reading the poetry—and let me know how the experiment goes.

Just click here:  String Theory

“National Poetry Month (II)”: Another new poem

One more bit o’ verse in honor of “National Poetry Month”:


21st Century Blessing


To a future effulgent:

tall trees and new flowers;

give us our daily bread

and save us from the blight


Thine and thy kingdom

withheld from us ’til death;

keep them close, our sons and daughters

and protect us from the blight


Have faith in the miraculous

harbingers of grace;

conjure us sweet loaves and fishes

and save us from the blight


© Copyright, 2011  Cliff Burns (All Rights Reserved)

It’s “National Poetry Month”

…and so, what the heck, two more recent poems:


The Human Genome Project


They decoded us, then

trademarked the parts.

In green, tended tanks,

suspended in nourishing brine.

Eyes, ears.  Kidneys.  Small, bobbing cocks:

replacements for factory fittings

ersatz and not nearly as smart.


By Order of the President


Find the reagent

break the spell


There’s still an outside chance

in your secret lab


Pls. advise on yr. progress

time is over and out.


© 2011 Cliff Burns (All Rights Reserved)