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To bring in 2009…a little “flash” fiction


This is a car crash.  It’s happening right now.  A collision in progress.  Metal folding and bending, glass slow-motion bursting, bodies swaying in their seats.

And the thing is you see it with perfect clarity, high-def to the max.  You watch in fascination as the air bag blooms in front of you, a time-lapse explosion expanding toward your face as you lean forward to meet it.

Something else.  A heaviness.  In the region of your chest.  A tug in your neck that isn’t quite pain but soon will be.  A sound, a soft exhalation but really a scream in the midst of being born.  From the backseat.  Ten A.U.’s behind you.

Any moment now it will all come rushing in, a cacophony of distress, a wall of noise and sensations.  Someone, maybe even you, might be in the midst of dying.

On the threshold of an instant.  The law-defying lip of an event horizon. Falling…and forever suspended mere petaseconds away from nothing at all.


(A tune-up of sorts, the equivalent of a pianist cracking his knuckles.  No pre-planning, just put fingers to keyboard and see where it takes me. Some of my best stuff comes through this process.  It requires a leap of faith…and a willingness to fail.  I like “Accident” and welcome your thoughts on this modest example of “automatic” writing.  If you’d like too see more of my short-short prose, go to the “Rarities” page and check out some of the work I’ve posted there…)

* Also, be sure to have a look at my latest post on RedRoom where I talk about nearly taking my stupid head off New Year’s Day.  And the important object lesson I drew from the experience.