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Flash fiction (reposting a fave)

Ahab stalks it still, through the swollen underbrush, its trail wide and easy to follow, marked by pulverized tree trunks, a long, deep, snaking rut in the soft loam of the forest floor.

He will follow it to the very gates of Perdition, if necessary, his hate a goad, relentless and all-consuming.

Hobbling along in the wake of the great whale, knowing it is somewhere ahead, moving easily across the earth, surging forward with powerful thrusts, swimming through seas of bright green.

* * * * *

Yes, I know some of you might recognize this snippet from a recent Facebook post but I couldn’t help reprinting it here, for those who missed it.  It’s probably my favorite prose piece of the past few weeks.  Sherron sent me some photos of Adrian Villar Rojas’ elegant sculpture and I immediately scribbled out a response.  It gave me goosebumps once I finished it.

This one just feels…right.