“Electric Castles”—Cover Art

A peek at the cover of my next release through Black Dog Press, ELECTRIC CASTLES: A BOOK OF URBAN LEGENDS.

Chris Kent performed his usual design magic and special thanks to Gabriele Marras, who supplied the original photo.

My odd little imprint has always focussed on releasing the best and most beautiful books, but this cover surpasses anything we’ve come up with before. As you can probably tell, we’re mighty pleased with it.

The proof has been printed and is already winging its way toward my mailbox and the ePub and Kindle versions should be available later today.

Place your order with me if you’d like an autographed copy, otherwise buy ELECTRIC CASTLES at your favorite independent bookstore.

Support indie publishers and booksellers!


  1. inkspeare

    Wow, brilliant! Looks so alive, as if one could put a hand through it and step inside. Like a time portal. Congratulations!

  2. Cliff Burns

    Thank you.

    We’re very pleased with the quality of our covers and (I hope) the literary merit of the prose squeezed between them.

    Always good to hear from you.

  3. Cliff Burns

    The physical proof is on its way so I should have copies in about 10 days.

    Of course, as soon as I approve said proof, ELECTRIC CASTLES will be available for order from your favorite book store.

    Always support independent booksellers and screw Amazon et al.

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