HST–Writing routine

Hunter S. Thompson became one of my literary idols when I was nineteen years old. Reading Fear & Loathing in Las Vegas changed my life…in good ways and bad.

Imagine keeping to a writing regime like this, day in and day out:


My daily routine involves a couple cups of tea first thing in the morning, long spells of staring off into space and endless hours of self-doubt and gnawing anxiety.

Clearly, I’ve been going about it the wrong way…


  1. Cliff Burns

    It would have taken the constitution of a BEAST to maintain that regimen. On the other hand, from what I’ve read about HST in the past while, he could sometimes have the temperament of a beast as well. But I’ll always revere him for LAS VEGAS and his coverage of the 1972 election campaign.

  2. neiliospeaks

    It would be cool to try though. It’s funny I was just commenting to another blogging pal of mine about how Hunter is popping up everywhere I look at the moment. He’s going to make a devasttating cameo in my next posting.

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