With a nod to Mr. Cohen (new MP3 recording)

unknownI’ve been listening to Leonard Cohen a lot lately—the poetry, that voice

Inspired and, at the same time, still feeling his loss, I dug out some some lyrics I wrote a number of years ago, added musical accompaniment and ended up with “Alias”.

Here’s the the version I recorded…what do you think, do you detect a little Lenny in this piece?

Is it a suitable homage to a beloved troubadour?


  1. Laird

    Love this Cliff. I resurrected it and with inspiration from your piece put some music to the words. I have read it many times in the past but there was no voice to it, no feeling. I get it now! Working on it and hope to have something tangible soon.
    You need to add a couple of octaves of depth to the very bottom end of your voice and you got LC nailed. Oh, and 12 more verses – ha.

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