Flash Fiction



Endless processions of driverless cars.

Delivering their contents to automated houses.

Under the constant scrutiny of cameras, overhead drones.

Smart appliances reporting preferences, behavior, patterns; mined for data, narcing to their corporate masters.

Election night: voting by remote control, hardly bothering to check the results.

Keeping your head down, mouth shut.

Addicted to livestreaming porn sites.

Disgusted by the state of affairs but powerless to effect any change.

Buying stupid trinkets to fill the void.

Drugs when nothing else works.

An epidemic of suicide in your age bracket.

Desperately lonely and neurotic, verging on anti-social.

In your solitary rooms, secured by triple locks.

Talking to yourself and the listening walls.

Waiting for the knock on your door.



© Cliff Burns (All Rights Reserved)

One comment

  1. beenculverted

    I have this… theory… logic (science) is the opposite of impulse (emotion), and so the more we delve into our gadgets and super-incredible convenience of technologically-advanced consumerism, the less emotion – our ability to interact with others – we have. Who needs to go to the local hardware store when Amazon will drone-bomb that shit into your backyard? Why go to the local farmers’ market and chat it up with your neighbors when a fucking robot with a 200lb payload can buzz out of the clouds and onto your roof? Just, stay inside. Plug in. Virtual Reality? Here. No reason to leave the house? Here. Food and medicine and sexual experiences On-Demand Live-Streaming? You betcha! And if you do ever venture out, you’re going to have to idea how to read a face, or body-language; how to befriend someone. Have any friends?

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