My “Blueprint for a New Planet”

SnowdenA couple of months ago AdBusters put out the word that they were looking for new visions to empower and inspire the eco-warriors and Occupiers who have lost their passion and need a fresh injection of ideology and righteous anger to motivate them and rekindle their energies.

I gave it some thought and wrote up a manifesto of sorts, a call to arms, an appeal for a “slow revolution”.

Dutifully sent it off to AdBusters around the end of February…and never received so much an an acknowledgement in reply.

Guess they didn’t like what I had to say.

Well, I’m attaching my “Blueprint For a Slow Revolution” to this post and you’re free to download and peruse it. Pass it on to whoever you like, see if it provokes any discussion.

Frankly, I think it’s a deeply subversive and dangerous document.

Read on:

Blueprint for a Slow Revolution


  1. Peter Watts

    The objection I’d raise is that once you put yourself into the machine, the machine gets into you. I’ve encountered a lot of safe secure folks who regard themselves as undercover agents, who describe themselves in hushed confidential tones as saboteurs “working within for constructive change”. Every one of them was a joke. They would put a wise and restraining hand on my arm and advise me to choose my battles– but when asked which battles they’d chosen recently, they always seemed to come up blank. I suspect it’s an intrinsic part of the ecosystem: you can’t get inside it without investing in it, and the more you invest in it, the more you have to lose if it goes down. It turns us.

    Chelsea Manning and Edward Snowden did not, in the end, make their impact from within the system; they made their impact by breaking out of it. I myself have little hope, but what hope I have I place in the juvenile antics of Anonymous and their ilk. Even if they only do it for the lulz, they at least have a shot at kicking over the anthill.

    Sometimes, what the mammals really need is an asteroid.

  2. Cliff Burns

    Love that last line.

    Spoken like a true misanthrope, Peter (and I can’t say I entirely disagree).

    How does one avoid becoming co-opted—yesterday’s flag-burning hippie becomes today’s aging chartered accountant or bank manager with a leaky prostate and enormous mortgage. One would need an ideology, a faith verging on the fanatical in something other than winning a lottery and buying a small island in the Bahamas. Nothing will change until we have a fundamental shift in our consciousness that probably won’t come about until a collapse or crisis of such enormity that the capitalist, consumerist paradigm is overthrown and something fundamental (like survival) takes precedence. We need to get to the point where conspicuous consumption is onerous, a mode of behavior regarded with horror and contempt by the rest of society.

    Whether or not we establish, in the coming decades, some means of equitably distributing dwindling, finite resources among a population that will soon peak at ten billion souls, will determine whether or not we continue to exist as a viable species into the 22nd century and beyond. Or, indeed, if we deserve to.

    Always a gas to hear from you, lad. Drop by anytime.

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