A short film and an admission

I’m a space geek, a genuine, dyed-in-the-wool fanatic when it comes to anything to do with making the stars our destination.

I think it’s a complete drag how we seem to have stalled here in near-Earth orbit. Sending tourists up to the International Space Station at twenty million bucks a pop, while dispatching robot drone ships to the far reaches of the solar system, letting them do the work for us. No need for boots on the ground, expensive manned programs, grand visions…

I’ve loved science fiction all my life. Bradbury, Dick, Matheson, Beaumont, Ellison…those were my boys.

I’m also crazy about cinema.

Put it all together and you’ll (perhaps) understand what went into the making of “Planetfall”:



  1. msloftis

    I have always loved the thought of living amongst the stars also. I am sad because I am nearing 50 and probably wont see it happen. Had I been a younger woman I would have applied to be one of the first people on Mars. 🙂

  2. Cliff Burns

    Our species has turned its back on its destiny for short-term, selfish gain. We’re more likely to end up in virtual reality boxes 24/7 than we are as a permanent, human presence on another world.

    But we geeks dream on…and, if we’re lucky, we can write stories, make short films, compose music…do our astral traveling in our heads.

    That, I’m afraid, will have to suffice.

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