This much I know to be true…

I’m a far better writer than James Patterson. James Patterson is a hack and an embarrassment to the English language. A formulaic, dull, repetitious scribbler who has parlayed his insignificant talent into a personal fortune. A pox on him and all he represents.

I’m a better writer than Stephenie Meyer, Elizabeth Gilbert, Dan Brown, Jodi Picoult, Nora Roberts, Dean Koontz, Sophie Kinsella, John Grisham, Nicholas Sparks.

I’m a better writer than Suzanne Collins, E.L. James, Vince Flynn, Janet Evanovitch, Stieg Larsson, Rick Riordan and a substantial majority of the authors currently atop the Globe & Mail‘s bestseller list.

Any one of my titles surpasses in quality 90% of the books occupying the shelves of your favorite bookstore.

I write for the sheer joy of creating and make no effort to conform to the current marketplace or ride the latest trend; my freedom to write what I please allows me to produce prose that is original, inventive and literate.

My twenty-five+ years as a creative writer have provided me with an aesthetic that is demanding and uncompromising. The bar is always set high, regardless if I’m writing a full-length novel or an essay on the enduring appeal of “Gumby” cartoons.

If, by any chance, you’re bored by the fare you’re finding as you browse around for something new to read, I hope you’ll search farther afield, have a close look at an indie writer with a long roster of professional credits and a lengthy history of doing things his own way.

Unlike many of the authors I cited at the beginning of this post, I have tremendous respect for my readers and wouldn’t think of releasing sub-standard or second rate material.  The notion of writing the same book over and over again and not developing as an artist repels me; the concept of writing purely for financial gain is entirely alien to my thinking.

There are plenty of free writing samples on this site, in Stories and Novels, so I hope you’ll click over, skim the opening pages of some of my offerings, see for yourself if I have anything worthwhile to say, words that speak to your heart.

Ignore the bestseller lists and take a chance on something different for a change, work that challenges preconceptions and genuinely surprises you (when was the last time that happened?).  I think my tales will appeal to a wide cross-section of people.  A growing number of folks out there agree (and God bless ’em).  There’s definitely a buzz in the air…

C’mon, admit it:  don’t you want to see what the excitement’s all about?


  1. emotedllama

    Oh, this warms my hipster’s heart (even if I still like Suzanne Collins–once I reread all her books [and that includes Gregor the Overlander] I may have a different opinion, though)! So often the most popular books are just the most crowd-pleasing, thoughtless stories that are, in essence, grown-up bad fanfiction in their blatant wish fulfillment and other inanities.

  2. Cliff Burns

    I’m baffled by the whole GIRL WITH DRAGON TATTOO/Stieg Larsson thing too. I had a glance at the first book in the series and saw nothing of any note. This morning I read a post in the LibraryThing group I belong to, quoting the great Elmore Leonard:

    “I got halfway through GIRL WITH DRAGON TATTOO. I don’t get it at all. What’s the big thrill? It’s boring.”

    Nuff said.

    Thanks for dropping by and for the words.

  3. Cliff Burns

    Don’t believe the hype…avoid viral ad campaigns like the social disease they are…don’t feed the “mediocre meme”!…

    Sorry, I’m auditioning for a daytime job of writing catchy bumper stickers.

    But I see what you’re saying—quality has nothing to do with the size of the print run or promo budget. The vast majority of DIY/self-published books I’ve tried to read are execrable. There are exceptions to every rule.


  4. johnnyvintage

    At the library today I noticed a book on the “new” shelf entitled ‘The Girl who (blah blah blah)’ and it wasn’t a Stieg Larsson book…how defunct does a writer have to be to try and cash in on a dead guy’s catch phrase? The librarian said they couldn’t get the third in the (Larsson) series because it’s “too edgy.” This is a rural town of course, in the bible belt. I told husby on the way in there today, “Geez, I LOVE books, and I hate this place. How can that happen?” Because the books are just. so. awful. All the authors you just listed and NOT ONE, not one! book by a respectable author who’s lived in the last 20 years. Not one. Oh! And with all those superb novels, Barbara Bush’s biography. Woooo hooooo! I’ll read that when the ocean turns to smoke and blueberries start eating themselves. The only one I’ve read on your above list is Dan Brown. He’s awful. Awful. I’d been lulled into the beautiful, sensual, textural world of Annie Dillard; following that with Brown was like being jarred out of your bed by a shitty marching band. And that’s happened to me. Twice.

  5. Cliff Burns

    Annie Dillard.


    That woman has magic in her hands. HOLY THE FIRM is one of the most magnificent tomes I’ve ever read, a book that can change your entire perception of the world.

    I simply can’t read crap any more, refuse to waste my time with pot-boilers and popular fiction. Biographies and celeb tell-alls? Knock-offs of the latest mega-bestseller? I’d rather scan the back of a cereal box, thanks very much. The last time I made a pass through a major bookstore, it was one of the most depressing interludes I can remember. Wall to wall shit. I’m looking for fiction that ennobles the printed word; after my wife finished reading Jim Harrison’s DALVA, she said, with real reverence, “reading his books make me feel smarter”.

    High praise indeed.

    Thanks for your thoughts and keep seeking out great writing.

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