“The Last Hunt”–cover art

And here it is, as promised, an early peek at the cover art for my western novel The Last Hunt, due out in mid-March.

Click on image to enlarge


Special thanks to Bobby Rockwell and the Rockwell Museum of Western Art for allowing me to use William Robinson Leigh’s original painting and to Chris Kent for a superlative job on the design.

The Last Hunt.

Coming soon


  1. inkspeare

    Wow, awesome. Love the art, the colors, and the Western style of it. It is suitable for framing as art, it truly is. Congratulations.

  2. Cliff Burns

    The covers just keep getting better and better.

    As an indie publisher and writer, I feel it’s in my best interests to present my readers with the best-looking, most professionally produced book I can. And so far that mentality has paid huge dividends.

    Thanks for the words…

  3. Cliff Burns

    I have to confess, I printed a copy of the cover and pinned it up in my office. I’ve been mooning over it for the past two days. Embarrassing, really. The text file will be ready tomorrow and then it’s off to the printer!

    A wonderful feeling.

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