I’m a “Twit”

I’ve had a Twitter account for awhile—probably at the urging of Sherron, who’s much more plugged in than I’ll ever be.

I’ll be the first to admit I have little interest in social networking.  I belong to a group on LibraryThing and sometimes do a little “tag-searching” on WordPress but that’s pretty much the extent of my on-line presence.  I don’t have a Facebook or MySpace account and my virtual address book has less than a hundred contact names.  The greatest tool of communication ever devised right at my fingertips and I use it as a glorified typewriter.  Gawd, I’m dumb.

But for the past while I’ve been playing around with Twitter, working within the limitations of the format to devise little poems or koans or incantations (dunno what the hell you’d call them).  The literary equivalent of gesture drawings, an attempt to sketch out my feelings or preoccupations at a particular moment in time.  No forethought or pre-planning, just zipping down the first impression that comes to mind (in 140 characters or less).  It’s an interesting exercise and I have to say some of the pieces make me sit back and go hmmmmm….


  1. taureanw

    I’m right there with ya!!
    I’ve had my twitter for nearly a month now & still don’t really know how to use if fully. I can see the potential & I’m sure if I sat down & really tried I could figure it out……..I just haven’t :-p

  2. Cliff Burns

    Of course, it behooves artists to keep up with the latest developments, any device or scheme that can help them spread the word re: their endeavors. But sometimes one gets the impression of being on a treadmill: all that time spent trying to plug and promote your writing, and meanwhile, your work languishes.

    Thanks for the response, mon…

  3. inkspeare

    I have been thinking about it, but for some reason it feels a bit alien to me (the Twitter format); however, I have been able to get into the Facebook mode. Maybe one day …

  4. Cliff Burns

    At a mere 140 characters, Twitter doesn’t require a big expenditure of time. I have to say, that’s its biggest advantage. Will see how my experiment goes and will report back with the results…

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