“Of the Night” (Cover art & design)

Well, here it is, unveiled for the first time.

The cover of the next novel in the Ilium “cycle”, Of the Night.  Coming soon to a bookstore near you (we hope)…

Our pal Chris Kent completed work on the cover this weekend and I have to say he’s come up with another beauty (Chris also executed the cover for my previous book, So Dark the Night).  Australian visual artist Adrian Donoghue created the original image and Chris, as designer, supplied the fonts and conceived the “look” of my book without damaging Adrian’s wonderful work.

(Click on the cover if you want to see a larger version)

Final edits on the text will be complete this week and both the text and cover files will be sent to our printer, Lightning Source, by the weekend.  Then we get a proof copy, check it out and if everything looks A-okay, Of the Night will be available for sale.  I’m anticipating an official release date somewhere around October 20th.  Keep checking back for the latest updates and news.

My deepest thanks to Chris, Adrian, and my wife, Sherron, for combining their talents and visual acuity to give me the loveliest cover an author could ask for.  Folks, you’re the best!


  1. Cliff Burns

    The countdown is on—Of the Night is off to the printer (text and cover) this weekend. Can’t wait to lay my hands on the first published proof. Should have the book available for sale by October 15th. That cover is something, isn’t it? See you at the launch..

  2. Cliff Burns

    Ah, yes, I heard this through the grapevine.

    One of the great originals—and please do check out the link Mike’s provided, it’s a very affecting piece. Harlan is gonna be Harlan right to the end.

    I know lots of folks have trouble with his persona but to me the man’s finest work will be read 500 years from now. “I Have No Mouth & I Must Scream” was one of those tales that made me want to be a writer. And reading Harlan’s forewords, essays and critiques made me realize that authors didn’t have to be pussies, sucking up to editors, publishers, agents and producers. I respect the man and when the inevitable happens, I’ll mourn him the same way I mourned Hunter Thompson and Richard Pryor. We won’t see their likes again…

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