The Waiting Game

The latest communication from Lightning Source indicates the proof of my novel So Dark the Night will be printed tomorrow (Tuesday, April 20th) and, if there are no obvious glitches, sent off to me a short time afterward.

(Sound FX:  Fingers drumming anxiously on desk top.)

In the meantime, I’ve decided to post more of my strange, ambient music—it’s on my “Audio” page, just scroll down past the spoken word stuff and you’ll get there.  Really love these pieces, which I’m calling (collectively) Intervals.   There’s been a big progression since my first offering and one tune from this latest batch in particular stands out for me:  can you guess which it is?

Busy days around here:  Sam, Liam and a number of their friends (shout out to Sean, Dylan, Jess and the rest of the crew) are deeply involved in a short film project that keeps getting bigger and bigger.  I applaud their ambition.  Sherron has her own film on the go, an abstract bit of business for which I’ll be supplying music.  But the deadline for the local, library-sponsored film short film competition is looming, so I hope their post-production efforts go well or they’re gonna be scrambling.

Meanwhile, I’m fretting over the impending arrival of the proof, beating my brains out trying to find ways to better promote and distribute my independently produced books.  I welcome your input and advice on both these points.

Let me know what you think of Intervals too.  And keep watching these pages for more info on the release of So Dark the Night, a supernatural thriller with a heart of gold.  Your summer reading is on its way.  And I promise, you won’t be disappointed.


  1. Sean

    Thank you to Cliff on our short film for catering(Some delicious stew) and, on very short notice, very willingly subbing in for the guy who is there to tease Dylan(Who is currently on stress leave).
    Dylan will be ecstatic that he received a mention.

  2. Cliff Burns

    Good luck with your flick, it was fascinating watching the discussions before, during and post-production. Kids these days have the coolest toys to play with. I envy you…

  3. Cliff Burns

    Now there’s a blast from the past. Funny how these things stay with you. I remember playing “Hungry Hippos”, “Hands Down”, “Buckaroo” and “Ker-Plunk”…plus I can recite/sing almost the entire jingle that went with the old board game “Trouble”. Remember that one? “If you’ve got trouble, wait don’t run, this kind of TROUBLE is lots of fun…”

    You’re a bad influence on me, Corey. Back to your keyboard, varmint…

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