“So Dark the Night”–cover art!

Yes, my friends, this is the new look for the front and back cover, courtesy our pal Chris Kent.  Ado Ceric’s gorgeous cover art is still predominant, but Chris has given us a different font and overall design.  My only instruction to him was “make it look like a fun read because that’s what it is”.  And Chris came through for us—hoo, boy, did he ever!

You can click on the individual pictures to view them full-sized.

We’ll soon be loading these illos on to Lightning Source’s templates, along with the complete text of So Dark the Night and awaaayyyy it goes.  But this is our first crack at this here new-fangled print-on-demand process so there are bound to be complications and glitches.  Thank God I’ll have Sherron to do all the dirty work while I pace back and forth behind her, cursing a blue streak.

But even with the foul-ups—the folks at Lightning Source have been very patient with my questions thus far—we should still have a proof within two weeks and the book ready for publication by the end of April (as previously announced).  Cover price $17.95.  You will also be able to download half the book (.pdf)  here at Beautiful Desolation (or over at Scribd) and read that excerpt for free, download the complete e-book for $10…or (at some point) listen to an MP3 of me reading the book for nuthin’.  Your choice.

The book has been polished since the earlier version I posted, tightened and pared down.  I’ll be purging that previous draft in the coming days/weeks (it has served its purpose and can now be deleted).

Don’t have much else to add—let me know what you think of the cover and please spread the word near and far that So Dark the Night is on its way…and there’s some great spring/summer reading ahead.


  1. Cliff Burns

    Aaron: your tip appreciated and although I have no idea what you’re talking about, I’ll pass it on to my wife who is handling the technical end of things so I don’t end up running amok with an axe and a frozen chicken…

  2. Cliff Burns

    I have had to develop new reservoirs of patience but I’m getting lots of help and have Sherron to keep me from blowing a gasket. And I know the end result will be a lovely, literate book that will make a lot of people happy. Stay in touch, Senor Redekop, and keep us all apprised of goings on in your ‘hood.

  3. Belle Starr

    oooh, love it! and canna wait to hold the real thing!
    I read it on line, but I am old fashioned and like the smell of the paper and the presses….its not the same for me otherwise
    Happy Resurrection weekend to you and yours!

  4. Robin

    Right on! Looking forward to getting a copy, reading, bringing home in the summer, and getting it signed over a pint! Congrats, Cliff!


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