“Read an E-Book Week”

That’s right, kids, it’s that time of the year again.

E-Books have grown in popularity exponentially over the past 5 years and there are no indications that trend has run its course.  Especially when the folks at Apple have us all salivating over their new “tablet”.

Pop over to the e-Book site Rita Toews has set up, check out some of the contests and download the many freebies their partners (including yers truly) have provided.  Dip your toes into the e-book waters, folks:  the temperature’s fine and there’s no pollution from those industrial giants in New York, Toronto and London.  Just terrific prose from people with a lifelong love of the printed word.

See you over there…


  1. Sean

    glad to say, although it may not really be an e-book, the first time i read So Dark the Night, i listened to it in an apple produced voice. this week marks the second read through of 13 hour and 43 minute long journey into the surreal. can’t wait to get that voice out of my head come this spring…

  2. Cliff Burns

    Well, bless ya, lad. The polished, tightened “dead tree edition” of So Dark the Night pleases me to no end. And even all the convolutions and BS of finding a print-on-demand publisher will be worth it once I hold that baby in my skinny, arthritic fingers. Stay tuned…

  3. John

    “So Dark the Night” was my first full e-book. At the time I printed it. Recently I had another look at it on my Kindle now that it can read PDFs. Have to say, e- books are growing even on old “love of print” me. Great opportunity for indie writers like you. Also looking forward to the tablet.

  4. Cliff Burns

    Old dogs and new tricks, John. Gadgets aren’t much to me, I’m a product of the Space Age and the Information Age is just too fast and superficial for my vacuum tube brain. But…the new technologies have drawn a host of readers to my work so who am I to whine and complain? As long as folks are reading, who gives a crap what they use: a state of the art e-Reader or a tattered paperback.

    Your review of So Dark the Night was one of the first and still one of the best. Wait ’til you read the new draft: it’s tighter, faster…better. All the best to you, John…

  5. driftlessareareview

    All the HD and Blu-Ray technology won’t eradicate things like “Operation Repo” and “reality programming” on the TV. At least it gives these abysmal programs a degree of visual clarity that would turn Michel Houellebecq’s stomach. All the E-book technology won’t make James Patterson’s “writing” any better.

    What we need is a revolution in quality, not a revolution in distribution.

    We have iPods, apps, and cell phones with cameras … but when will get back to the Moon or send a manned mission to Mars?

  6. Cliff Burns

    Jess: My nefarious schemes have worked to perfection–get people hooked with the e-book versions of my novels, So Dark the Night and Of The Night (had something like 3500-4000 downloads) and then I started listening to the readers who opined they’d love to hold a physical book in their hands. I’ll be offering print-on-demand versions of my novels soon–So Dark the Night in April and Of the Night later in the summer. Just completing the formatting and cover JPegs now. It’s time consuming but I’m fortunate to have a spouse who’s a helluva lot more computer competent than I am…and a visual artist to boot.

  7. jessiecarty

    that is the wonder that can be done with novels. now maybe i could just write a novel in verse..hmmm 🙂

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