Review of “The Reality Machine”

Well, what do you know:  an early Christmas present.

Corey Redekop is a terrific Canuck writer–his debut novel Shelf Monkey is anarchic, funny and viciously satirical.  Thus, I was mighty chuffed when someone directed my attention to a review he’s just posted of my 1997 short story collection The Reality Machine.

I’ve been searching for blurbs for the print version of So Dark the Night and Corey just handed me some on a silver platter, with little sprigs of parsley on the side.

Bless you, Corey…and don’t take too long with that followup to Shelf Monkey.

Helluva writer, that boy…


  1. Cliff Burns

    All the best for 2010, Michael. I’ll be keeping my eye on you…and one ear always cocked for your latest views and takes on the changing face(s) of technology. Take care, mon…

  2. driftlessareareview

    I bite my thumb at you, Cliff! That glowing review now compels me to read your stories. One more to the TBR pile — now about the size of that mile-high monstrosity in Dubai. All kidding aside, can’t wait to read some delightfully twisted yarns.

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