Fire up your iPods, folks…

imagesOh, yes…

Time for another selection from my growing library of audio experiments.  Learning something new with each tune…and this time I’ve combined a fairly lengthy (well, okay, three-and-a-half minutes, but right now that’s lengthy for me) instrumental piece with an old prose poem from my violins in the void collection.

Sherron and my sons think I’m starting to get the hang of this technology.

But, friends, I’d like to know your opinion.  Give it a listen and then speak your mind:

Atmospheres XVII (V.2)

(Note:  After getting word that the recording level might be giving some of you trouble, I went in and boosted the output, raising the volume some.  Hope that helps.  As previously advised, probably best to listen to my stuff through headphones.  That way you get the full effect…)


  1. Belle Star

    hahaha, oops did I laugh out loud?

    Its the kinda writing you do best humorous and disturbing… the music certainly adds to the immediacy of the effect.

    one suggestion: iffen you can, turn up the volume the listener can turn it down but I missed some bits at the begining because I just couldnt hear and couldnt turn it up any more. (no speakers at work..just the lil bitsy ones in the computer..not that I am listening or doing this at…..not me)
    …….do I have itchy little bugs under my skin or is that the aftereffect of listening to this piece? hmmmmmmm

  2. Cliff Burns

    I record and do playback wearing very nice Sennheiser headphones my pal Chris gave me years and years ago. That helps me pick up the subtleties and I would recommend headphones for everybody wanting to get the full benefit of “Outside”, both words and music. There are mucho layers to this piece.

    As always, you’re first to the post with comments and for that, my gratitude…

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