More of my fiction on audio

imagesI warned you I had fallen in love with Garageband and that there would be more of my stuff recorded and set to music.

Here are four short-short stories, my version of “flash fiction”.  Ethereal, odd, evocative.  Literary and auditory Rorschach tests.  Give them a listen…and then tell me what you see.

Submitted for your approval, as my old pal Rod Serling would say:

Cliff Burns Reading Prose Poems (V.2)


  1. Belle Starr

    You like to leave em wanting more doncha, ya duurrrty bugger!

    liked “Creationism” soundtrack , very engaging, mostly I don’t notice the music so much, which may be a factor of my translating the files to wav format, or maybe just the way you like it a subtle effect.

    Tell me “The Other” is a synopsis for you next novel
    oh yeah and sign me up for a hard copy of your “Night” series darlin

  2. Cliff Burns

    I think if I ever start reading to a live audience again, I’m going to catch myself waiting for music cues, just out of habit.

    Glad you liked the latest batch–not much more than first drafts, giving in to the spirit of freedom and spontaneity Garageband inspires.

    More to come…

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