For your listening pleasure… (Blog Post #100)

imagesWell, this is cause to celebrate.

This happens to be blog post #100 and, if that isn’t enough, later on this week this site will receive its 50,000th visit.

Wow.  That’s an overwhelming number of people coming to a blog devoted to a Canuck writer who has eschewed the big time, stubbornly maintained his singular vision with an orneriness not often seen in writing circles.

God bless you, folks.  You’re all the proof that I need to reassure myself that the indie path is the one for me and I shall continue to produce work that fits no niches or stereotypes or genres, confident that smart, discerning readers will find me…and help spread the word.

To mark this auspicious occasion I’ve recorded three of my favorite short-short stories, adding music and sound effects to enhance the experience.  Once again, Sherron lent a helping hand, pulling the whole mess together.  The final result surprised and delighted me to the extent that I think it’s safe to say there will be more such efforts in the near future.

Ah, heck, enough of my jabbering.  Have a listen to these pieces and, as always, I encourage you to leave a comment, letting me know what you think…

Cliff Burns Reading Short Stories (V.2)


  1. driftlessareareview

    I salute you and your singular achievement. Nice to see someone who refuses to “sell-out” succeed and thrive. In the words of Eric Cartman: “Follow your dreams, you can reach your goals, I’m living proof! Beefcake! BEEFCAKE!”

  2. Cliff Burns

    Every so often I get the chance to peddle my ass and somehow (consciously or unconsciously) screw things up. With the movie people…or the agent who I told to fuck off after he advised me to write Star Trek or Star Wars novels to “get my name out there”…or the anthology editor who wanted to cut a story “for space requirements” (won’t repeat what I said there because it’s just too inflammatory and nasty).

    I have acquired a reputation for being difficult but I would say that’s only true with those who treat me with contempt or who view literature as “product”, rather than recognizing that there are some writers who genuinely care about protecting the integrity of their vision. Any editor who treats me with respect and deference has nothing but nice things to say about me and my professional demeanor. Unfortunately, those folks are in the minority. And so I forge on…

  3. Cliff Burns

    Thank you very much, m’dear–and, once again, a tip of the hat to the talented (and tolerant) Sherron Harman Burns for talking me through the technology and encouraging me to PLAY…

  4. Cliff Burns

    Rats…can you open it in Real Audio player or another audio format? If not, let me know and maybe we can re-jig the format somehow…

    No way I want one of my best fans missing out on that l’il beauty.

  5. Yr smartest fan

    I didnt know the reference to Shelley’s Heart, so I googled it, facinating!

    The schooner he was travelling on was the “Ariel” btw, she’s doomed more than one heart!

    another comment: “In a 1955 article in The Journal of the History of Medicine, Arthur Norman suggested that Shelley may have suffered from “a progressively calcifying heart . . .” love it!

    and the razor’s edge of your writing as always

  6. Cliff Burns

    Yayyy! Glad the technology worked for you. As you know, I am completely inept when it comes to the computer age. That said, I spent the afternoon creating music in Garageband, atmospheric, moody sounds. I have fallen in love with the program and may be giving up this silly writing stuff and becoming a composer. Kid-ding!

    I have always been afraid of Ariel–I didn’t nickname her “Bundy Baby” for nothing. But she’s a great lass and there are big things ahead for her.

    Always a delight and pleasure to hear from you…

  7. sherby57

    Congratulations on the 100 posts, and even more on the 50,000 hits! With the amount of effort that you’re obviously putting in, you deserve them!

  8. Cliff Burns

    Thanks, very much. And, see, you’re U.K. reader and that’s what thrills me most about these new technologies, they recognize no national frontiers and grant readers around the world access to my work. And now I can start adding music, dramatic highlights, aspects which thrill me and allow me to move in different directions, enhancing my visions and presenting me with new opportunities to express myself. Love it. Hope to see you again…

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