Temporarily Unavailable

RadarHill_FMy wife and sons are on the West Coast–getting their first dose of rain after a week of great weather–and I’ve stopped answering the phone, shaving, checking  e-mails and visiting some of my favorite sites and forums.  It’s summertime and that means WORK.

It must be a hormonal thing.  While everyone else is seized by an impulse to drag their sorry asses off to the woods and get closer to nature (i.e. Lyme disease, poison oak and bears), I become almost feverish with a desire to be shut away in a 10 X 12 room, scribbling like a madman all day and long into the night.  And then, when I finish, I collapse in front of our big Sony and watch old movies or foreign flicks until I zonk out.

And, indeed, that’s what I’ve been up to since I’ve bid farewell and adieu to Sher and the lads last Sunday.  I got warmed up with lots of “automatic writing”, filling page after page of my notebook with cryptic, allusive remarks cribbed from my subconscious.  Lots of journaling and personal writing too; I use these opportunities when I’m alone to blow off emotional steam, purge my system of some of the accumulated ugliness and toxic sludge.  Restoring balance and focus, checking the state of my faith life.

In the past four or five days I’ve really gotten down to business, completing three short stories and tapping them in–over 10,000 words of new prose.  But that’s just a warm-up.  In the coming weeks I want to tackle a big revision of another novel, really sink my teeth into that one and shake the living shit out of it.

imagesUnfortunately, all that work means I might not be posting here as frequently or at any length.   But I promise you there will be new work added soon, more prose you won’t find anywhere else.  Because the point of this site isn’t to provide me with a platform for my various rants and obsessions (though sometimes it might appear that way).  It’s to give you access to my work, the stories and novels and prose poems and verse and radio plays and essays that I’ve composed over the past quarter century.  It’s all here–well, a good portion of it, anyway.  Available for absolutely nothing.  Posted (see the various “Pages” above) in the PDF format, which (I’m told) makes it compatible with most of those new-fangled e-readers (even the Kindles, I and II).  So download away!

And please pop back in again soon.  I’ll make sure you have some decent summer reading, never fear.  Something for your leisure hours.

Leisure…leisure…have to look that one up in the dictionary some time.  Exotic sounding word.

Meanwhile, it’s back to work for yours truly.

Sigh.  The sacrifices I make for my hordes of readers…



  1. blakejohnson

    Haha, great to hear you’re workin’ away. I realized you’d disappeared from my feed reader at some point, and I’ve gotten back into writing a bunch more too, now that school’s over, so I set out to find your blog and restore it to my supply of reading material. Best of luck with the work!

  2. Cliff Burns

    Good to hear from you again, Blake. An aspiring writer and everybody should check out your blog, see what’s on your plate. Have a great summer, lad.

  3. Mike Cane

    Twitter has been dull, websites have been dull, minutes before I shut down to go to sleep, and I hop from site to site to find *something* to read.

    And I decide, let me try that guy Cliff, even though he doesn’t post a lot.

    And, ah! Now the day has been worthwhile!

    Great post. Now stop reading this crap and go write!

  4. Cliff Burns

    I”m hard at work, Mike, I promise! And good stuff coming up, soon to be posted. As in the next few days. So keep popping in, mon, and I guarantee you won’t be disappointed.

  5. Cliff Burns

    I’m hard at work, Mike, promise! New stuff to be posted soon, so check back in the next couple of days. I guarantee you won’t be disappointed, chum…

  6. geneg

    I read your short story, “The Daughter”, the other day. I read it online. I hate reading online anything longer than the average ADD sufferer can write. This story was very unsettling. I enjoyed the spare, somewhat dark prose and the tone seemed just right for the subject matter. Keep it up, chum.

  7. Cliff Burns

    Thanks, Gene–“Daughter” is one of my best, methinks. One of those stories that “wrote itself”, I just channeled its dark spirit. Not too many revisions, as I recall. I’ll have more short stories posted in the days/weeks to come, along with a treat for those of us who remember the “space age” with fondness (I know you do) and remember where they were, what they were doing, when Neil Armstrong cracked the door on the Eagle LEM and stuck his head out for a quick look-see…

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