Listen to “The First Room” CBC Radio (Now Available!)

My radio play “The First Room” has been posted on CBC Radio’s “OutFront” site.  You can listen to it by clicking here.

The “official” broadcast date and time (Friday, February 6th; 8:43 p.m.) remain the same but for those of you unable to tune in then, here’s your chance to listen to the finest radio adaptation of my work yet.  The recording will likely be archived for a short while so please spread the word to one and all.

Let me know what you think…

(Note:  A couple of listeners have complained that they’re having trouble with the RealAudio player CBC Radio is employing.  My buddy Phil converted the program to an MP3 and it played like a charm.  So if any of you are more, ah, technically enabled, you might want to give that a try.)


  1. eBookGuru

    I listened to your Five Voices show the other day. Great stuff!

    Also, I’m asking all of my blogging friends to check out what were up to. We’re trying to build some excitement for eBook Week, and if you like what were doing please help us promote it.


  2. mikecane

    Hmmm… not working for me, Cliff. RealAudio always gives me pain. I’ll check again on 2/7.

  3. Liza

    Cliff – I caught your Outfront piece recently, and was spellbound. As someone with a similar childhood to yourself, I found the disparate (yet connected) voices agonizingly accurate. Thanks for creating a piece which so meaningfully communicates the terror of that ‘first room’ from which we spend so much time later trying to escape.

  4. Karen

    Hi Cliff: I’ve listened to the piece twice now, and it stays with me as I try to grapple with the different voices in your piece that brought out the different voices in my memories.

    I wanted to write the day it was aired, but it’s been impossible for me to find a word to describe how I felt about the play. I can say this though – it’s haunting and difficult to forget – which I think is a sign of great art.

  5. mikecane

    Cliff, the problem was on my end. I had an ANCIENT version of RealPlayer. I upgraded and tried again and it worked! And the recording is NON-RESTICTED, which means the latest RealPlayer will SAVE it to hard drive.

    Cliff, that was moving. I will give it the highest praise that I can give: It was worthy of Dennis Potter himself. A masterwork!

    Anyone who hasn’t heard it — upgrade! Then go listen!!

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