Merry Christmas, wherever you are

maryHey, there.

A bit awkward, this, but, um, well, I want to say thanks to the folks who’ve taken the time to seek out this site, maybe have a poke around.  Obviously, I wish to acknowledge the holiday season but I’m also aware that many of you have little truck with Christmas and that this blog is read all over the world, by people who find the whole manger and virgin birth thing a bit on the odd side.

Here at Casa Burns, our faith is somewhat “mix and match” (as it were) and we put more emphasis on using special occasions as an opportunity to spend more time with family and good friends.

So instead of a Christmas homily, let me just give thanks and pay tribute to the community of folks that surround and sustain me.  My close, intimate associates and the many fun, smart individuals  I’ve met through this blog, my writing and places like LibraryThing.

You all make the strange vicissitudes and unexpected jigs in life bearable and the knowledge of your presence, your loyalty and affection, empowers me, helps me endure and, God willing, prevail.

There will be much, much more ahead on Beautiful Desolation in 2009 and my work and world will undergo mucho changes, transformations, queer mutations.  I want to continue to grow as a person and an artist, seek out new experiences, muck about with my comfort zone.

All of which will be faithfully, even brutally documented on this site, a close-up look at an indie writer’s life, the challenges and preoccupations of a man who’s spent the majority of his life in service to the printed word.

bearLook on in horrified fascination as my career lurches from one crisis to the next, accompanied by peals of canned laughter and reaction shots of stunned passers by.

You want a “reality” show?  Pathos?  Surreal interludes? Pythonesque silliness?

Drop by my joint every so often, check out my updates, catch the latest rant, read a story and/or novel excerpt, hot off the presses.

I note that quite a few of you have made that trip on a number of occasions.

Let me conclude by thanking you lads and lasses the most.  You had the courage to come back. And for that, my gratitude knows no bounds…


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