“So Dark the Night” Podcast–Episode 1

Yes, it’s finally here.

Thanks to the technical acumen of my lovely wife, we now have the first 20 minutes or so of So Dark the Night available for your listening pleasure.  In all, we’ve recorded the initial 75 pages as a teaser and, depending on feedback from readers and listeners, we may do the whole novel.

The production, music & recording are all Sherron’s doing–the only thing required of me was to stand and deliver.  I miss my live readings/performances so I had a ball (once we figured out how to do it and I stopped having screaming, ranting, petulant fits) doing my thing.

We’re going to zip a link over to iTunes too so watch for further developments on that front.

But I do go on.

So click on the link below, sit back…and get ready for a fun ride.

(This item was out of date and has been removed–an MP3 version of So Dark the Night in its entirety will be available in the fall, 2010)


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  2. Anonymous

    This was absolutely brilliant! You should for sure do the whole book! Out of all you’re books and short stories that I’ve read, I like this the best!

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