“Of the Night” (Cover Art)

Here’s a preliminary mockup of the cover we’ve selected for Of the Night.  Click on it to view a larger version–the font isn’t right yet but that will be taken care of in the next couple of weeks.

The artist is an Australian chap, Adrian Donoghue, and here’s a link to his RedBubble page.  He’s young, he’s talented and I’m fortunate that he saw fit to allow us to use “Gotham City” for my book. This kid’s going places.  And I can’t believe how perfectly the piece matches the mood of the novel.

Check out the picture, then click on my Novels page to download and read Of the Night.  It’s FREE. You heard right.  A fast, scary as hell, full-length book, yours for the asking.

To quote from my jacket copy:

Of the Night is a  thriller set in the same universe as So Dark the Night, but taking place two years later, with a different cast of characters.

A series of events lead to a breach in the continuum, allowing fearsome creatures to break through and terrorize the citizens of Ilium.  Police detective Gus Novak soon realizes that the mutilated bodies popping up all over the city are not the handiwork of your garden variety psychopath and he enlists the aid of fellow denizens of the night in order to thwart a cruel and inhuman foe.

Intrigued?  Well, for God’s sake, what are you waiting for: go have a look.  The price is right, what do you have to lose?


  1. Malcolm

    I’m tempted to go downloard that novel right this minute, and if you hadn’t asked “What do you have to lose?” I would be spending the rest of the day with a tall glass of Scotch enjoying the images of mutilated bodies “popping up.”

    But no, I had to answer you question first, and that’s where I got stuck because I figured out what I have to lose, and that’s the satisfaction of paying an author for his work, just as I would also pay any long-time professional for his work.

    Taking something for free “felt wrong,” about as wrong as the hideously wrong “write a novel in a month” crap.

    Please tell me you have a day job that pays the bills and that you’re not living in a Kenmore Refrigerator box out in a loney meadow frying weeds for supper. Then maybe I’ll download the book and get out the Scotch.


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