DOORWAYS…a horror magazine with a difference

Regular readers know that I think very little of the contemporary horror scene.  It has become the province of the worst sort of hack–I believe in one post I referred to them as “purveyors of shit”.

Zombies proliferate, not to mention necrophiliac sex, rape, the ugliest sort of revenge fantasies, misogyny…really, really vicious and mindless stuff (and that goes for film and fiction).

But recently I saw a publication at a newsstand that seemed to go against the grain and I wanted to give it a plug. Doorways, A Journal of Horror and the Paranormal is a classy offering, great layout, decent illos and authors who don’t dip their pen in offal and their brains in sheepshit before commencing work.

Here’s a link to their site–editor Brian Yount says a new issue is due out any day and I urge folks to get out there and support a magazine that presents the field of horror with some class and dignity, attracting authors with real style and talent. Clive Barker’s handsome mug adorns the copy I spotted and if Clive thought enough of these people to contribute, that’s good enough for me.

Doorways…this is one to watch for and support with your hard-earned shekels.

Good luck to Brian and the gang!

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