“Of the Night” is HERE!

Let us return now to Ilium, a Great Lake city that has seen better days. While its fortunes may be on the wane, for some reason Ilium has become ground zero for supernatural manifestations and occurrences, a haven for things that only come out at night.

It has been two years since the events portrayed in So Dark the Night (So Dark-excerpt).  Detective Gus Novak is investigating a series of attacks that defy easy explanation. Mangled bodies, strange sightings in the sky, disappearances. Something has gotten loose in Ilium and is hunting its citizens…

If I can express this in cinematic terms (you know I love movies), I see So Dark the Night as the big budget, “A” picture, and Of the Night as a really neat, tight “B” picture, the kind that show up at three or four in the morning and you end up greeting the dawn with. One that eventually develops a cult following, a community of aficionados who know it down to the smallest detail.

Thus the dedication to Val Lewton, master of the B’s.

Ready for some terrific end-of-summer reading? A page-turner that sucks you in from the first line? An entertainment in the Grahame Greene sense: fast and smart.

Here you go: Of the Night OftheNight(excerpt)

Of the Night is less than half the length of So Dark the Night and a good intro into the night time world my characters inhabit. Of the Night is a stand alone offering–while it alludes to events in the first book, there aren’t any HUGE spoilers (still, I’d prefer you read So Dark first).

For the record: I never, at any point, envisioned an “Ilium cycle” of novels. Yet that’s what I see developing …and I’m at a loss to explain how or why this happened. Not premeditated, I assure you.

But further installments on that front will have to wait awhile. This has been, in many ways, an “annus mirabilis” (wonderful year) for me: I’ve managed to produce two good books since my 44th birthday and, again, I never thought that would happen. However, this paroxysm of work has led to some burnout; I need to take time off to read and recharge. Gonna lay off the full-length efforts for awhile (I have two manuscripts in various stages of completion), work on a couple of novellas, maybe a short story or three instead.

I also want to add more archival material to this site so that eventually I’ll have all of my published work available for download. Revisiting some of that old stuff will be fun–it deserves to be back in print. Look for that in the coming weeks.

And we’ll be loading the podcast of the first section of So Dark the Night when time and circumstances allow. Yes, I know I’ve been promising it for awhile but, hey, we’re busy people. Sherron has added some theme and incidental music and the final result is a really neat production. Gal’s a genius.

But, in the meantime…enjoy Of the Night. I think you’ll like Gus and Darla, the professor, Tanya…lots of wacky characters, snappy dialogue…and scares galore too, of course.

I look forward to hearing from you once you’ve had a chance to read it. Let me know what you think and tell me (at the very least) Of the Night didn’t bore you or make you feel like you’d wasted an afternoon.

For now I’ll wish you “good reading”.

Reasonably confident that Of the Night provides that…and much, much more.


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  3. John

    Thanks for the support, Cliff. There’s little as depressing as wandering into the narrow corner set aside for ‘horror’ fiction in most bookshops only to be confronted with endless vampire sagas and other cheap copies of more popular writers (amidst, of course, the ubiquitous blocks of King, Koontz and Laymon). All I can hope for is that there is still an audience for the good stuff out there. It’s been heartening to see Ramsey Campbell back on the shelves, and Virgin books have recently released a Thomas Ligotti collection, so hopefully all is not lost just yet…

    Now, I must explore your work a little.

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  5. WonderGirl

    Thanks for the comment. I just started Vendela Vida’s Let The Northern Lights Erase Your Name and I’m already feeling back in the groove.

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  7. luminaria

    Congrats on your novels. I love the dark genres. Used to write dark supernatural stuff myself. Thanks for the thoughtful comment.

  8. mikecane

    Hmmmm … is Cliff writing, or just not writing his blog? I check in, see nothing new, and wonder.

  9. 1979semifinalist

    By the way Cliff – love the new blog layout – if only because the text is much larger on my screen – occasionally on your old format I would have a hell of a time focusing on that small text – too many long hours in front of a monitor on my part probably – but this is much better!

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