“Kept” (Coming Soon???)

My friend Robin found this. He has an unhealthy obsession with the movie adaptation of my novella “Kept”. He’s determined that I’m going to be famous…whether I like it or not. Robin has been keeping tabs on the Twisted Pictures/LightTower team that are producing “Kept”. This home page of theirs certainly makes it look like they’re taking the film very seriously.

Stay tuned for further developments…


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  2. 1dada000

    By the way, I am adding the site to my blogroll. It is quite pleasing to see this on my site.

  3. lucy

    Thanks for the comment. I wasn’t suprised to learn that you’re Canadian; your writing seemed distinctly not US (this is a compliment).

    I want to share a link to a blog you might like. My dear friend, Christopher Barzak, has had a pretty successful (in terms of awards, rather than dollars) run with his first novel One For Sorrow, and it seems that you two are roughly in the same genre. I’m also forwarding your site to him. Enjoy


  4. zoewinters

    hahaha holy crap, I saw a link to your blog on Mike Cane’s blog. You have a novella named “Kept” that’s too funny. Me too! Though I’m fairly certain our stories are very very different. 😛

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