Another abbreviated note to let you know that John Miedema has just posted a thoughtful review of my novel So Dark the Night on his site.

My thanks to John for summarizing the plot so brilliantly and giving away no spoilers. He’s an astute reader, a lover of the printed word and, obviously, I’m delighted he clearly enjoyed reading my book.

Have a look…and then click on the “Novels” page above and download or print up your own personal copy of So Dark the Night


  1. rhiannonfrater

    That is a wonderful review. I’m still reading the novel and loving it. The more I read, the more excited I am about it.

    I’m torn between rushing to the end of the book or savoring every page.

  2. ldholtner


    As I have stated most recently in my own blog, time constraints are keeping me from getting things done. However, I have read a good portion of So Dark The Night, and have relished and enjoyed the book. Good job Cliff, and keep on keepin on, your an inspiration to all aspiring writers.

    L.D. Holtner

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