Indie Writer Wins Stephen Leacock Medal!

Congratulations to Terry Fallis for being the first indie (i.e. self-published) author to win a major Canadian literary award. Terry’s novel, Best Laid Plans (published through iUniverse), was selected over some pretty stiff competition, including writers Douglas Coupland and Will Ferguson, for the Stephen Leacock Medal for Humour.

Well done, Terry–and as I wrote to him on his site:

“Good work, man, and more power to you. I guarantee you’ll be getting a call any day from Random House or Knopf Canada, maybe the folks at McClelland, humbly inquiring after rights. Make them pay, brother, make them pay through the fucking nose.”

It’s a sign, my friends, definitely a sign.

And, hey, all you Canadian publishers who missed the boat on this one, do not ask for whom the bell tolls…

One comment

  1. jamesviscosi

    Very cool, I hadn’t heard about this! Perhaps it will help convince the public that self-published books can have merit. (Last night I dreamed that some critic had trashed my latest merely on the basis of its being self-published, so evidently this is something that I’m concerned about even though I didn’t think it was …)

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