A New Look

Welcome to the revamped “Beautiful Desolation”.

The old template was limited in terms of certain key options (widgets, etc.) and there simply wasn’t room to grow. Now, thanks to the tireless efforts of Sherron, I can post my novels, some short films, podcasts, music…yup, lots of good stuff envisioned in the coming months.

Starting with So Dark the Night, my occult thriller, a funny, scary, endearing novel featuring the dynamic duo of Evgeny D. Nightstalk and his gorgeous, brilliant partner Cassandra Zinnea. Edits are in the home stretch and I’ve moved up the release date to mid-March. Mark it on your calendar, boys and girls.

Sharp eyes will also spot the “Donation” button off to the right. I thought it was time to give those of you who are so inclined the opportunity to support a starving artist whose annual income would make a medieval peasant scoff. I emphasize that this is a voluntary process–you’re welcome to read whatever you like for free, keeping in mind that any downloading or printing of copyrighted material for commercial purposes is strictly prohibited. Anyone who abuses this privilege risks legal injunction…and dealing with the nastiest writer west of the Greenwich meridian.

There are exciting times ahead and I hope you’ll keep abreast of new content constantly being added to this site: the 4 novels I plan to release in the next 15 months, the rants and invective, reviews and updates.

With the film version of my novella “Kept” heading into production, I’m hoping traffic will increase substantially. The new template will help, methinks. It’s far more readable, easier on the eyes and just plain nicer to look at.

As always, your comments and remarks are welcome, your input greatly appreciated.

Thanks for dropping by.


  1. blakejohnson

    I didn’t dislike the original, but I suppose you’re right in that this looks a tad more professional, clean, and generally gentler, yea. Nice choice :).

  2. blakejohnson

    Oh, and as a side note, I’ve added two more chapters to my short story series on my blog or on my DeviantArt account (runeshai.deviantart.com). In case you wanted to take a break from writing to read, heh.

  3. garymurning

    Great blog, Cliff. I’ve added your feed to my reader so I won’t miss anything.

    With the film version of my novella “Kept” heading into production […]

    Exciting stuff. Who’s producing it?

  4. John

    I like the look so much I think I will use it … hey, wait a minute … I already am. We think too much alike! Good to my word, there’s a $5 advance in your jar. Looking forward to reading your work in March. You are cutting new ground for indie writers. Congrats.

  5. John

    I would really enjoy hearing if your online releases increase your print sales. If you notice anything, I sure would appreciate hearing about. Regards.

  6. blakejohnson

    Hah, thanks for the comment on my blog, and for the feedback on the serial novel. I kind of like that term for it, serial novel. I like playing with the characters, and it’s fun to see them as facets of myself sometimes. I think Lizzy is very much an extension of me, a more cynical and less sociable version of me I think. But it’s definitely fun to play that out and explore that attitude in a way that’s not potentially destructive to friendships. I’ve been reading Against Love: A Polemic by Laura Kipnis (and highly recommend it!), and being a decently heavy sociological theory kind of book, it’s gotten me thinking along those lines much more about love, relationships, and just life in general. It’s also pretty hilarious at times, which makes it even more interesting to read. Thanks again for stopping by the blog! I anticipate the release of your novel as well! Best wishes.

  7. Eve

    Cliff, I love your new look! Just dropping in to say hello and I’m back on track and reading again. I’m among your fans.

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