“Kept” (The Movie) An Update

Here’s a link to a piece in Variety, the film industry Bible, talking about the movie version of my novella “Kept”. They’ve upped the budget, taken on board a decent director and 2009 is still the presumed release date. Have a look:


And don’t forget the book that started it all…


(My thanks to Robin Speer for digging up the Variety piece. Always on the ball, that boy…)


  1. blakejohnson

    Oh sweet! Thanks for the feedback on my story too. It’s a great place. I’m not sure how much time I’m going to have when school starts, but if there’s any, I’ll look into finding a library and those books. I think I’d rather write, though, personally. It was fun the other night, just writing stuff out of the top of my head without real regard for a structure or any kind of rules. It was cool. Congrats on the film and goo luck (again) with the novel.

  2. givethemhell

    Thank you for the comment on my blog.

    I keep my fingers crossed for you about the movie made of your novel. Congratulations!

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