Some preliminary thoughts…

Call this an act of desperation, standing in the wilderness and shrieking myself hoarse. Is there anybody…out there? People, like me, who are sick and tired of lousy books, lousy movies, lousy TV, written by and for ninth rate minds, mental midgets and the brain dead. For over 20 years my writing has existed on the margins, stuck in the slushpile along with hobbyists and wannabes. I’m sick and tired of being ignored, over-looked in favour of twits who fit a particular demographic or whose “talent” consists of their ability to manufacture formulaic prose. My work is the equivalent of an ongoing prayer, a love letter to a God who has (apparently) departed the scene, leaving us to our puny devices. If you share my fears and misgivings, read on. Curious? Want to experience a vicarious thrill or two, enjoy watching a guy make a bloody fool of himself? You’ve come to the right place. I promise to always entertain you while explaining nothing…but never shying away from exposing deep, dark secrets too long held in abeyance. What do you say, boys and girls? Are you up to it???

I’ll do my best to provide regular postings and to get things started I’ve included reams of my writing: monologues and short stories, a novel excerpt and essays. Some of this work has been previously published but most of it has never seen the light of day. A damning indictment of a publishing industry convinced of its own self-importance and omnipotence.

Welcome to my mind…


  1. The Dude

    bonsoir, monsieur burns, hmm … monsieur j. burns. we have to talk about this initial. amicalement, Le Dude

  2. kj

    Congrats for jumping into the new century Cliffie–I will show this to my blogger spouse.


  3. Sher

    Your work should be read by more people – all over the world. This is a good way to start.

  4. Robin

    Cliff the technophobe will soon become Cliff the technophile. Congrats man! I look fwd to the Proustian ‘glorious rants’ in your updates.

  5. Panchyk

    Yeah, the J. is not right. You need to find out who the “original” Cliff Burns is and eat his heart. That’s how things are done on the Internet.

  6. Peter Watts

    Dude, you really should mention somewhere that you are the namesake and inspiration of the Clifford Burns Memorial Veto Bomb. May not make itself into the annals of world history, but it sure as shit rocked *my* world.

  7. Carla Metz

    Well well, lookie whom has joined the rest of us putor folks………1984…….Way to go Uncle Cliffee.

  8. queenmabsmuse

    “Rosebud…” I would like to add to your thought on mindless movie making. There are some that I enjoy and watch many times over, not comparable to Citizen Kane however, that other people would term mindless but they had heart and soul(to me). I have often wondered why, being the movie-file that I am, certain movies (300, Titanic, King Kong, etc.) leave me with no desire to ever see again, if at all, despite being box office hits? You hit the mark, no heart and soul.

    What do you think of LOTR series? I’ll step my foot in it and say I loved them but I don’t watch them often because they emotionally wear me out.

  9. El Condor

    Regarding Pride and The Self:
    As someone who has suffered/exhibited similar feelings you so express with candour, though for different reasons, the notion of ‘letting go of the self’ (of Buddhist origins) and therefore the ego (as well as the realization of impermanence) has been of immense benefit to me– emotionally/psychologically and even ‘spiritually’. Also my family is thankful i am slightly less cantankerous than before.
    You are someone I’ve liked not just as a writer, but more importantly as a person… (and here i am exposing my own weaknessess? wink wink) so don’t forget you only live in the present moment which is the only ‘reality’ we have (yes i too suffer from many troubling years of accepting reality and your stories have only helped that in an enjoyable way..).
    Anyway I’ll keep this short except to add I am extremely thankful to count you both as a friend and source of literary inspiration. So kudos to you and Sher for starting this Blog and must forewarn you that most likely you will be inundated with my own rantings, reflections, responses with a sincere spirit of comraderie.
    Chao for now amigo,

  10. kswolff

    Have you ever seen the SNL sketch with Phil Hartman as Frank Sinatra? He’s talking with a bunch of modern (1990s) music acts (Sting is Billy Idol; Chris Rock as the guy from 2 Live Crew, etc.).

    Here’s what I remember:

    Frank Sinatra (to 2 Live Crew guy): You’re going places, kid. You’re a genius. You got talent!

    2 Live Crew Guy: Yeah, but I don’t got talent!

    [Your mileage may vary. Still, it was a funny sketch.]

    Too many hacks and typists get all the promotion, but they got no talent. You’re the real deal. Keep kicking up a shit-storm.

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