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100_0742It has something to do with the persistent damp. Seepage; the ground fluid, churning. Things constantly coming to the surface that are better left buried.

In the spring, when the snows subside, dissolve away. Sometimes a careless farmer will plough up the wrong field. Or children will make a grisly discovery in the woods.

We have been condemned, collectively, for those dark times. You would think we all owned Kalashnikovs and a cluster of hand grenades.

They will not forgive the desecration of the churches. Those pictures. Awful, awful. Though some of us insist they were faked…

Listen, we can’t keep apologizing for the past. What’s done is done. It could happen in any modern, civilized state.

They want to call it genocide but we reject that.

It was war and terrible things occurred.

We won’t be treated as pariahs.

We have sinned but are answerable only to God.




Copyright, 2013  Cliff Burns (All Rights Reserved)

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With Regrets

I wasn’t there at Srebrenica
so I couldn’t block the bullets
or curse your executioners
as they cleansed you
out of existence

I wasn’t in Kigali either
to seize all the machetes
scattering the mobs
with my shaming rhetoric

Never made it to Austria
to kill the little corporal
before he was born

etc. etc.

I’ve failed you at every turn
spading dirt over your
million separate faces
wiping my brow
before moving on to the
next field (and the next…)

plowed in deep furrows
hemmed with the dead


Cliff Burns
(February 19, 2012)

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